Time = Money
Time = Money

You have probably heard of the saying, Time = Money. Yes, we know you are not visiting our website to have us remind you of how much Maths did not appeal to you in high school, and for this reason, we won’t go off on a tangent :). But let’s face your fears together, shall we?

We dare to say that everything in life has some form of mathematics embedded within or wrapped around it. Allow us to explain why this time = money equation is important to you. We say that with a dose of love!

As the trendy fashionista that you are, we know you value your time a great deal. You certainly did not get to where you are today by loafing around. You want to be efficient in all you do. From taking a shower to the morning to catching the train to work, from having a walking lunch to planning for time with your family in the evening. In fact, you are impressed with how much you get done in 24 hours. We are too!

Having said that, the domain you haven’t yet managed to squeeze the highest value from in this time-money relationship is online shopping. Looking good is an efficiency enhancing requirement for the kind of places and people you grace with your presence. It saves you having to explain your value, which again saves you time! Living in a beautiful environment gives you the peace that the hustle and bustle of city life doesn’t do for you. Even though it pays for your standards of living. Which is why you live in the suburbs. We would too!

Getting items delivered to you conveniently and efficiently by the online stores you love is becoming the bane of your existence. Even if you were to use the current London Living Wage rate of £10.55 per hour, shopping online is probably costing you about 2 hours’ worth, if not more, of your hard-earned salary. The mere fact that you earn a lot more than £10.55 per hour signals that it is high time something is done about it.

You’d hope with all the technological advancements of our days, retailers would be working hard to save you time so that you can optimise your fashion efficiency. Afterall, delivery time scales and shipping costs are some of the reasons shoppers abandon their baskets when shopping online[1]. You love to look good and cannot be caught dead wearing only God-knows-where-from clothing, which is what seems to be available in those thrift shops closest to your lovely suburb home.

Does this sound like you? Well, keep reading. Sueted has just the right time machine to regain those hours and bring your efficiency to the T!

Shop with your favourite retailers, deliver all your shopping directly to our warehouse, and follow the simple steps to get your shopping delivered to you conveniently both in time and location. Our fully-fitted Suetes and trained in-house stylist will make sure you are happy with your online purchases before you step out of our Suetes. We even process your returns immediately, saving you even more time.

Plus, who knows, what wasn’t suitable for our previous Suetee might just be the thing that does it for you. And you can immediately pay for it and wear it as you step out into the runway of London streets.

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