Your fashion deliveries, sueted to you

Aggregate your shopping from multiple retailers into one single delivery slot, try on and return all within 20 minutes

Get Sueted in 3 easy Steps


Book it

Collate your purchases from multiple retailers and book a single delivery slot in our app!

Suet it

Suet it

Try on your items, check sizes and consider other colours and products with the help of an assistant.

Own it

Own it

All Sueted? Great! Now you can walk away with only the products you really want.


How it works – Before your Delivery

  • At the retailer’s checkout, select Sueted as your delivery option, complete your purchase and automatically get redirected to our website
  • Log in and instantly add this order to your Suete, along with your other deliveries, if any.
  • Select your preferred delivery slot and confirm your slot (up to 30-minute slots)
  • Receive a confirmation email with details about your purchases, delivery date and time.
  • Opt to invite a friend to join you during your delivery slot

How it works – During your Delivery

  • Receive a reminder 2 hours before your scheduled slot.
  • Receive a notification when your delivery is 15 minutes away.
  • Try on items in your order and physically browse other recommended products based on your shopping history. Buy them on the spot!
  • Pay for any additional items purchased on-board, immediately return unwanted items/sizes and leave the Suete with your shopping bags (not boxes!)
  • Take pictures on the Suete and share with friends!

How it works – Pop-Up Events

  • Sign up and receive personalised alerts when a retailer takes over the Suete for a pop up event near you.
  • Locate, browse and shop on the spot!
  • Contact us to pick up your returns from your preferred location.  Receive a notification once the retailer has received the item.
  • For a limited time, we can pick up your click and collect deliveries

Customer resources


What do you mean by Sueted?

It means to ‘try on” your order in our mobile boutique. As you may have already guessed, this is a play on the word “suited”.

What is the Suete?

The Suete is what we call our mobile boutique / delivery and pop-up van

How can I become a member of Sueted?

You can sign up for free and choose any of the 3 membership packages specified. The different membership tiers determine what services you have access to and your delivery limit but everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy Sueted deliveries, provided the retailer from which you’re shopping is listed with Sueted.

Can I shop from a retailer that is currently not listed on Sueted?

Yes! You can shop from any retailer even if they are not listed on Sueted. You will however need to have such items shipped to Sueted’s warehouse for subsequent dispatch to you. Bear in mind that this will increase the time it takes for the items to get to you, as you’ll only be able to book a delivery slot once we’ve received the item at our warehouse. You will be charged (free and premium subscribers) based on your postcode and will be required to pay once you’ve booked your slot. You can check your estimated delivery cost with us before you have your items delivered to us. Platinum customers have access to all retailers, regardless of whether or not they are listed on our website, for free (as long as the allocated number of quarterly deliveries is not exceeded).

Can I try on the products I purchased in the Suete?

Yes! Our Suete’s are fitted with safe, well-lit changing rooms with mirrors for you to try on the products, regardless of your delivery location.

How do returns work with Sueted?

Once you decide on the items you would like to return, you leave them in a secure bag on-board with your return label attached (for stores that include return labels in the delivery package). If the store you have shopped from does not include a return label in your shipment, you’ll email your return labels to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

How long do I get to try on my items in the Suete?

You can try on your items at ease, as our Suete will wait for you outside your chosen location of delivery for as long as your membership tier permits. Free subscribers will get 10 minutes on the van, premium subscribers will get 20 minutes and platinum subscribers will get between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Don’t worry; most of our customers require only 5 minutes to try so whatever time you get will be more than enough. Just bear in mind that the less time you have on the van, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to bring on your friends to share your delivery experience.

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