Personalisation Pays
Personalisation Pays

As modern consumer trends shift away from traditional brick and mortar storefronts, shopping has become less personal. Instead of a hand-packed shopping bag and smiling attendant, most shoppers come home to find a dirty parcel on their doorstep and an impersonal packing receipt inside. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s working.

Most retailers see personalisation as an added cost and unnecessary upgrade, but the ROI value has been proven by some of the biggest brands, including Starbucks and Amazon. Sueted’s personalized delivery service is the ultimate tool to merge an in-person experience with online shopping convenience. These benefits are essential for your triple bottom line:



Shoppers want to feel pampered, taken care of, and sought after. Sueted is the master of personalisation with deliveries and appointments that aren’t just on the customer’s schedule, but also at their doorsteps!

The mobile boutique shines with bright, clean clarity behind crash-proof glass walls. The social media photo-ops are endless, and a personal attendant is there to ensure that the customer leaves happy with bags, not boxes. This fall season, customers want to enter a cozy, high-end space that is sueted (pun intended) to them and unlike anything else. Dirty parcels, rain-soaked cardboard boxes, and wrinkled clothes are a problem of the past.


Sueted’s mobile boutique is fitted with a private dressing room so that customers can wait and try their items on in person. This ensures that all misunderstandings and sizing or fitting issues are solved instantly. Plus, the in-person experience is a natural gateway to upsells. You can convert and stop abandoned carts with the opportunity to see and touch the item in person. The Sueted van is stocked with trending garments and classic items, so shoppers can even try on and purchase extra pieces to wear with their original, planned delivery.

Eliminate the cost of shipping, repacking, and lost or damaged inventory with a proactive solution. This model also allows you to restock and sell returned products at an exponentially faster rate because you don’t have to wait on customers to make a delayed decision and follow through with a return shipment. They can buy now, pay later, and love everything that they choose to take home.


              As the rate of retail returns continues to rise, so does packaging waste. In the US alone, return packaging account for more than 5 billion pounds of landfill waste and 15 million tons of carbon emissions every year. Behavioral marketing strategies turn browsers into buyers with targeted impulse offers, but retailers need to create a sustainable model that addresses the waste resulting from returns. Sueted eliminates the inefficient back-and-forth transfer of goods. Together, we can lower emissions and prevent wasteful repackaging.

The Sueted van is mobile and exceptionally visible on some of London’s busiest shopping streets and pedestrian areas. With a mobile boutique, we are able to bring your marketplace to the masses whilst reducing transit costs and emissions in the process. Sueted instantly makes the in-store shopping experience more accessible to everyone.


Ramp up your personalisation efforts with proven ROI. Sueted enhances your digital personalisation with an in-person delivery experience that improves your triple bottom line.

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