It’s not you, it’s us
It’s not you, it’s us

Making your way downtown walking fast, faces pass and you’re home bound… Sounds familiar? This is not just a Vanessa Carlton lyric. This is you when after having placed an order online, are rushing home from work or from the store to either make it to the corner shop in time to pick up that missed delivery, or brace up yourself to dive into your recycle bin to pick up your package. Sometimes, you even drag Valerie, your sweet neighbor in her seventies, into this mess, because she has to get up in the middle of her afternoon nap to help receive your delivery because you’re not home.

Annoying right? Well, you’re not alone as 50% of our survey respondents say they find missed deliveries and, worse still, returning items the most inconvenient part of shopping online. This is not hard to believe as Bain recently published the 16th edition of their Luxury Goods Study in which they showed that luxury experiences are more attractive to consumers than actual luxury goods. This was illustrated by the 4% – 14% sales growth in luxury hospitality / travel, high end food and wine and luxury cruises.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, the question that comes to mind is “why are luxury experiences limited to the 3 categories above?”. Personal luxury goods make up a quarter of the luxury market, yet we sell luxury goods to our customers online and ignore most of what happens at the point they actually come into physical contact with the goods.

This has to stop, and I’m not just saying this. The consumer is demanding better end-to-end shopping experiences and the retailer is suffering from the inefficiencies and missed sales that come about as a result of customer dissatisfaction. So the next time you feel frustrated by a missed delivery, just remember that it’s not you, it’s us, and we’re now bringing you the ultimate online shopping experience through Sueted, the worlds 1st fit-tailing concept for eCommerce.

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