How Sueted Works

 Sueted provides mobile boutiques, that are fully fitted with changing rooms [the Suete]. 

Retailers can rent our individual mobile boutiques on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for any of the following purposes

1) Popping up as a shop at outdoor locations provided by either the occupier or Sueted. 

2) Delivering orders and merchandise selection to online shoppers with the option to try on items or purchase additional items at the point of delivery. 

3) Putting up advertising boards on any of Sueted’s four advertising spaces on the mobile boutique and mobile store display windows.

Shoppers can have their orders delivered, tried and returned on the same day.


sueted demo

11:30 - 18:30

Westfield Stratford City

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sueted demo

We invite yo to stop by the Olympic Park walkway at Westfield Stratford City for about 15 minutes to learn about how Sueted is delivering triple bottom line solutions in terms of people, profit and planet to fashion businesses, whilst delivering delightful customer experiences. 

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11:30 - 18:30

Westfield Stratford City

For Retailers

Getting sueted - for brands


Are you ready to pop-up in a hi? We will help provide all the required licenses and compliance documents including public liability insurance. Let us know your preferred location by completing a booking form via the Website or contact us at for a personalised quote.  .


Offer Sueted as a delivery option to your customers at check out and you can spend a full day delivering this personal shopping experience to your customers or let us become one of your regular delivery partners. Contact us at to connect to our API


Select one of our  four (4) distinct external AD spaces on our Mobile Boutiques for advertising. Imagine your store window being in the faces of residents, workers and tourists everywhere the van goes within and outside London. Contact us now.


For Shoppers


Getting Sueted - For Shoppers

 Don't worry, we've got you covered. You can order from any store online and have it delivered to the delivery address provided after your registration. All deliveries received at our address by Thursday at 3pm will be delivered to your specified address by Friday. 

Your parcel must clearly show your name and should be for the attention of Sueted + your Unique Identification Code. Every delivery that arrives with your specified code will be delivered to the address you provided during your registration on our website unless otherwise stated. You will receive an alert with your delivery window on Thursday evening and we will see you with your delivery(ies) on Friday.

If the retailer(s) you're shopping from has Sueted as a delivery option on their website, our service will be completely free to you! So go ahead and let your favourite retailers know why they need to get Sueted by completing the form on our contact page!

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