Gown-cedo, anyone?
Gown-cedo, anyone?

Billy Porter stunned the 91st Academy Awards in his floor-length, full-skirt black gown-plus-tuxedo which has now been dubbed a gown-cedo for easy reference. What if I told you he achieved this look effortlessly? Well he did, because all he had to do was to show up whilst his stylist, in collaboration with several brands delivered clothing, jewelry and footwear options to his home.

So imagine that you’re pumped by the BAFTA invite you received courtesy of your influencer friend, which will obviously be filled with all your favourite celebrities and industry gurus! Very excited and rightly so. About to have the best night of your life this weekend . . .

Well, that’s until you think of your insane schedule at work this week. Your bosses must have smelt your upcoming joy from afar and decided to throw you such a curve ball of work, you know you’ll need to bend over backwards to meet your targets and deadlines, and somehow squeeze in time to go shopping for that killer outfit you’ve spent many nights putting together in your head. . .

… and then you finally do the math and realize you love the shoes from Net-a-porter, but their bags? – Not the kind of investment you’re looking to make immediately! You are true to Peter Pilotto’s size 12 but their range of trousers would give away the fact that you have wasted the last 6 months on gym membership without actually showing up at the gym. And yes! Zara’s jewelry would make your outfit pop at a mangeable budget but their store is miles away. Phew! Online shopping to the rescue! . . .

This means you need to order 7 different things from 7 different stores which all have 7 different delivery times by 7 different companies on 7 different days with 7 different weathers! Oh, the not-so-joys of online shopping!

But hey, you remember your best mate, Alex, telling you about this new service called ‘Sueted’. You look them up online and to your greatest delight, they can save the day. It seems impossible though, you think. You can actually order as many items as possible from these 7 different stores, book your delivery through their platform such that everything from all seven stores are delivered at the same time, within the same hour, with the option of returning any unwanted items instantly! Yes, you select one delivery slot on one day to one place in one weather by one company and you EVEN GET TO TRY ON YOUR OUTFIT WITH HELP FROM ONE OF THEIR IN-HOUSE STYLIST!!! You do a quick jig to celebrate your celebrity-like fortune.

What’s more? Registering with Sueted ensures that you get constant updates on “Suetes” (mobile boutiques) near you at any time of the day with the option to preview all items on board. Shopping has never been easier and even your favourite boutique from your last visit to Manchester now has a Suete near you. Then you burst into a full-blown jump of joy with some screaming, fully impressed with yourself on your new discovery. Feeling on top of the world and thinking aloud why this is only just happening. You feel like you have found your new best mate! Sorry, Alex!

Boy! Are you now back to being fully pumped and ready to slay all night. Your blood pressure is back to normal and with an extra bounce in your steps, those near-impossible work targets and deadlines now look as easy as getting Sueted.

Sueted is the ultimate experiential delivery and shopping service, but with all your best brands in one place, with the personal touch of a Suete, your personal shopper. You finally get the ping of the golden buzzer in your quest to stay on style and well-sueted wherever you turn up.

Now that you have access to your very own celebrity-like personal stylist / shopper, perhaps it’s time to launch your own reality show: Pose-ing? #trulyoriginal

Register online today and #getsueted.

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