Your triple bottom-line solution – People, Planet, Profit

Delight your customers, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your costs.

Why Sueted


Personalised deliveries, consistent brand experience and hassle free returns.


Reduction in carbon foot print with less transportation journeys.


Reduce returns cost, faster stock turnaround and revenue boost through cross-sells.

Your Store, delivered by Sueted

Brand Consistency

Keep your narrative and customers’ experience consistent across all your channels and cater to customers that prioritize personalisation.

Cross-sell and Upsell

Take advantage of our dedicated experience assistant on-board every Sueted boutique to Cross-sell to customers at the point of delivery.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Offer shoppers the opportunity to try on items in their abandoned carts or give them the opportunity to try on new arrivals.

Hassle-free Returns Processing

You’ll no longer wait 30 days for your merchandise to be returned, they’re processed at the point of delivery – meaning items are immediately made available for resale! Hassle free, we minimise the risk of markdowns due to late and damaged returns.

Pop up anywhere

Have a dedicated shopping boutique at a location of your choice or host trial parties, sample sales and beauty samplings.

Mobile Advertisement

Time to say goodbye to mobile billboards. Advertise anywhere on our Sueted vehicles.


How Does Delivery Work

  • Integrate our Api into your checkout and start offering Sueted as a
    delivery option
  • Receive a notification once a customer completes an order and selects a sueted delivery
  • Prepare the order (including upsell and cross-sell items) and send to our warehouse or have us pick it up
  • Receive a report of all sold (upsell and cross-sells) and returned items at the end of the day or opt to receive instant notification each time a return is made so that you can immediately update live inventory numbers on your website
  • We can either retain any returned items for future shipments or return them to you

How do Pop-ups work

Rent a Suete for your pop-up or promotional event at a targeted location.
Choose anything from one day to a week.

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How does advertising work

Sueted has four distinct external spaces for advertising on the Suete, one on each side of the Suete. All four Ad slots on the Suete can be fully utilised by your brand whilst you occupy the Suete, provided this is included in your contract.
The van will remain branded by Sueted if you do not choose to use the advert space.

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Research shows that


of customers are interested in improved delivery options.


of millennials shop in-store despite spending most time online!


of people sight size, fit colour and quality as top reason for returns.

cost of rent and setup
Cost of B&M Pop-ups + Furnishing, utilities
or lower
Cost of Prime Pop-ups
Other fashion online delivery service
Retailer’s waiting time for return
Up-to 3x
of delivery cost
Other fashion online delivery service
flat fee
Cost of returns
Cross-sell opportunities
Cross-sell opportunities

Source: EY, KPMG, Bariliance, Sueted analysis

Pricing: As in everything we do, all our prices are Sueted to you

PPDPay Per Delivery

Pay per delivery is suitable for smaller brands who don’t deliver large volumes

PMPay Monthly

Pay Monthly is for larger retailers with volume and location density

PDPay Daily

Pay Daily is what we charge for exclusively delivering your brand per day

Pop’DDaily Pop-up

Is the daily cost of using our vans as pop-up stores in specific locations

Pop’MMonthly Pop-up

Is the cost of renting out the van for a whole month for events, pop-ups, sample sales




  • Brick & Mortar Stores
  • Online Retailers
  • Clothing Rental Companies


  • Make-up
  • Perfume
  • Grooming


  • Jewelry
  • Leather Goods
  • Footwear


  • PR Events
  • Social Events
  • Brand Campaigns


  • Bespoke Delivery & Returns
  • Private Concierge
  • Personalisation services


If your product/brand needs to be experienced, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now at

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What is the Suete?

The Suete is our mobile delivery and pop-up van

How can I start delivering with Sueted?

Contact us to have us prepare a tailored proposal to “suet” your needs and once we reach an agreement based on your preferences and/or delivery volumes, we’ll assign you the API to set Sueted up on your eCommerce check-out page.

Is there a binding period for agreement?

Agreements are tailored to every individual retailer. All retailers are allowed to run a one week pilot prior to deciding how long they would like to stay on board. Please note that we cannot guarantee you a spot for either deliveries or pop-ups if you haven’t signed a contract with us.

Will Sueted pick up the customer deliveries from me or do we ship it to your central warehouse?

We are open to both options, depending on your location. However, please note that we may be unable to pick up directly from certain locations outside London for now, but we may be able to assign one of our third party contractors to make long-distance warehouse pick-ups and deliver to us.

Will I be able to cross-sell my products in your Suete at the point of delivery?

Yes. We recommend you to personalise the outfit selections that you wish to send to your customer during delivery.

How will you take the payment from the customer in case they purchase more items in the Suete?

Any customer that purchases items that you have displayed in our Suete at the point of delivery will complete that purchase through your website and select Sueted at check out, where he will be able to indicate that the purchase is a cross-sell so that the appropriate commissions can be applied.

Tell me more about cross-sell commissions?

We charge a small commission of 30% on any item that’s not part of a customer’s original order, which ends up getting purchased on the Suete.

What about insurance for my products?

We are insured for up to £50,000 worth of merchandise carried in our Suete but all businesses are advised to speak with their insurance advisors to determine how this applies to their business.

How can I track the delivery of returned orders from my customers?

All returned orders will show up on every Sueted retailer’s dashboard, provided the API has been integrated.

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